Based on the objectives described and on the structure of the Journal, JHP welcomes contributions in three categories:


Detailed articles (no limit set) make up the major and most extensive part of the Journal. JHP welcomes contributions on ceramics, objects of daily use and other fields of Hellenistic culture, for instance:

  • In depth studies on economic, cultural, social and other aspects related to objects of daily use;
  • Research on form, function, chronology and development of vessels and other objects;
  • Articles on methodology and history of research (where contributions on methodology using the example of material from other eras are also desirable);
  • Presentation of new excavation results and if singular finds;
  • Interdisciplinary studies on aspects of daily life in the Hellenistic period;
  • Archaeometric and petrographic analyses.

Archaeological News and Projects

The JHP sees itself also as a newsletter, so that the second part of the Journal is dedicated to short, informative contributions (maximum ca. 10.000 characters), like

  • Presentations of new work on progress, including M.A. and Ph.D. theses;
  • Reports on ongoing projects and the processing of finds;
  • Presentations of permanent and temporary exhibitions of objects of daily life in museums around the world;
  • Forthcoming books.

The Journal endeavors to stimulate awareness in the processing of finds, a part of the fieldwork usually neglected in standard reports. It also aims to create a forum for the dialogue with museum departments dedicated to the Hellenistic everyday culture.

Book reviews

The essential third part of the Journal are book reviews. It is the explicit interest of the Journal that new publications are extensively and critically discussed by experts in their field of research in order to speed up scholarly communication.

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